LAPUA .223 Rem. 55 gr FMJ (20 rounds) LAPUA .50 BMG Lapua Match Brass (50 pieces)
Our Price: $27.53
Our Price: $259.95
The Lapua .223 Remington match ammunition has been designed to meet the strict demands of competitive shooting. The base, body and neck of the case are perfected to maintain exact tolerances over multiple reloading cycles. Finally here! .50 BMG Match Brass, unprimed 50 count box.
LAPUA .338 Lapua Magnum 300 gr SCENAR (10 rounds) LAPUA 6.5 x 47 Lapua 139 gr SCENAR (50 rounds)
Our Price: $51.63
Our Price: $114.19

Lapua offers a complete selection of .338 Lapua magnum ammunition including Ball, HPBT, Blank and Drill cartridges. The trajectory of the bullets is tailored to match, so there is no need to change the sight setup when changing a bullet type.

The ideal choice for extreme accuracy. The 6.5x47 Lapua is a cartridge designed for serious competition shooting. Lapua developed the 6.5x47 in conjunction with a Swiss rifle manufacturer, Grunig & Elmiger. The chamber and throat dimensions are optimized for target bullets. The 6.5x47 Lapua is CIP approved.
.308 Win 170 gr HPS LOCK BASE (20 rounds) LAPUA .308 Win 200 gr SUBSONIC (20 rounds)
Our Price: $34.89
Our Price: $40.79

One of Lapua’s flagship cartridges – the legendary .308 Winchester. For all types of hunting, the ammunition MUST do its job – without fail. Lapua does, no matter what the game, no matter what the conditions. This reliability makes Lapua the first choice for the vast majority of Scandinavian big game hunters, especially when loaded with our unbeatable Mega bullet. The Lapua .308 Winchester is an excellent choice when you need a cartridge that performs in any environment. Our uncompromising craftsmanship ensures match-grade quality for hunters and target shooters around the world.

Popular and precise. Perhaps the most versatile target shooting cartridge, the .308 Winchester is one of the most popular centerfire calibers today. Lapua’s .308 Winchester is an excellent choice when you want a cartridge that is sure to perform across a range of disciplines in competition and hunting.